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Continuing Education Unit
Each and every one need some private time off! We also deserve the opportunity to obtain a desirable profession! To fill up our batteries, to shake off the tension that has accumulated in our lives, to truly enjoy an hour a week of enriched learning. At the unit for continuing education, a faculty of excellent, state-of-the-art lecturers will be happy to guide you through a rich variety of courses, both intended for enrichment and pure fun, as obtaining new skills or a new profession, in computers science, management, office skills, languages, transportation, care givers and so much more – take your pick! Come study in a pleasant, warm environment, an gain a great experience of learning and adventure!
Evening class
Drawing & Oil-Painting on Canvas

Beginners and advanced workshop for drawing and painting techniques. Gain theoretical and practical knowledge.

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From Deposit Funds requisites
Medical Secretaries

Medical Secretarial training for various medical Offices, enjoy a high level of skill and professionalism.

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Certificate by the Ministry of Economy
Babysitting and child care - type 1

Training of caregivers in day care centers for ages 1-3. Theoretical and practical studies. Curriculum is built based on the requirements of the Ministry of Economy and Industry.

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requires continuing education
Bookkeeping type 1 + 2

Comprehensive accounting studies, the program was built to suit the requirements and will prepare you for the theoretical exams by the Ministry of Economy and Industry.

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For Print, Web & Mobile
Graphic Design and Image processing

This course will give you the tools to work with the various software as required by the most updated requirements in the world of design and image processing.

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Professional Certificate
Public Transport Driver

This course will give you the qualification you need to become a public transport driver; the program is built in accordance with and will prepare you for the theoretical exams by the Ministry of Economy and Industry

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In cooperation with “Gevim"”
Bridging & Mediation

Learn the skills and stages of complex negotiation and mediation processes; An excellent skill to implement in your everyday life!

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From the Shenkar School of Fashion
Sewing for Beginners

Learn all about sewing from scratch: sewing, seam, stitching, needlework, and up to the final product.

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Field Seminar
Private investigators

A practical course that will give you the nuts and bolts of private investigation, including a look into the legal aspects of the job, and much more.

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Arrak Prep. Seminar
Arrak Making Weekend Retreat

A practical Arrak (exotic alcoholic beverage) making weekend retreat, for lovers of the delicious, aromatic liquorice-flavor of anise (pimpinella anisum). Three full days of distillation, local authentic foods, and culture. A galilee adventure that cannot be surpassed!

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Certificate by the State Comptroller's Office
Senior Payroll Accountant

Calculation of employees Payroll Processing in organizations, building and maintaining payroll records, including worker’s compensations and duties. The Payroll accountant certificate is by the Israeli State Comptroller's Office.

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Hydrotherapy is the art of water treatment including orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation, Child care, swimming lessons, various types of operating groups and treatments fun - using the gently therapeutic features of warm water (around 35°C.). In recent years the effects of water treatment have gained momentum, and many new therapeutic pools have been built, as the awareness of therapeutic benefits has risen considerably to this type of treatment, have reached patients, doctors, and clinics. and created a real need for a qualified hydrotherapy health giver.
Combining Watsu® water therapy
Hydrotherapy Caregivers

Training of high-quality professional Hydrotherapy therapists for the treatment of children and adults while learning the different skills needed to make the best therapeutic choice for both patient and therapist.

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Music and the Arts Center
The School of Arts ‘Beit haYotzer’ center, is located closely to the “Artist Quarter”, at the heart of the Zefat promenade. Housed in an antique marvelous stone house overlooking the Meiron mountains to its west, this spacious gallery is fully equipped with workshop space and special nooks and corner used for workspace. Courses are offered in a variety of programs. We offer a two-year study track for obtaining a qualified Art Teacher certificate or art lessons for self-enrichment and practice, given on behalf of Zefat Regional College and the Israeli Culture Authority.
Evening class
Jewelry Design Workshop

Beginner Jewelry making workshop. A variety of techniques and products for those who are new to jewelry making and interested in advancing their technique.

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Evening class
Intro to Art Fundamentals

Learn art in a magical setting: the basis of drawing, watercolors, Collage layer techniques and plywood printing.

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School of Engineering
The School of Engineering is today home to dozens of happy students who enjoy state-of-the-art lecturers, individual support and personal attention, and an atmosphere like none other of its kind in the world. All our engineering departments prepare our graduates as professionals in the most attractive positions of the Israeli job market. The Engineering School curriculum provides our graduate with an “Engineer” Diploma that is both a degree as a profession. Our programs are constantly being supervised by the Institute of Technological Training an organization subordinate to the Israeli Ministry of Economy. The Diploma granted upon graduation is on behalf of the Institute of Technological Training, the Ministry of Economy and the Zefat Regional College for Higher Education.
It’s never too late!
Engineering Preparatory Program

Students are given in the necessary admission requirements for Engineering studies. Studies include two semesters – evening and morning classes combined. Evening classes are three a week, and the curriculum includes lessons in math, English, communications and learning skills.

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Management and marketing
Industrial Management

Providing management tools and innovative new technologies and theories for a variety of executive positions in industry.

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Construction management
Civil Engineering

Construction (Civil) engineering studies combines practical workshops and theory to address all the phases of construction management: from the primary stage of planning, and up to the final stages development and inspection.

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Design your living environment
Architecture & Interior Design

A profession that is also an art. Professional studies combining art, creativity and engineering.

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Smart Home Technology
Electrical Engineering

Will equip students with theory studies combined with practical learning, for all sectors of the economy and for private business.

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Number One demand!
Software Engineering

One of the most desirable occupations today. The growing use of computer programming and automatic data processing, gives rise to widespread demand for computer professionals, to meet the high demands of a growing market.

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