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  1. Completetion of secondary school certificate (GED). minimal math requirement: 3-Units (extension 1,) , 3-Units English, and 2-Units Hebrew Communication.
  2. Successful completion of Pre-Engineering preparatory class.
  3. Over 30+

The program is led by Eng. Dror Ben-Ami along with skilled faculty expert in the field of software engineering.

Evening program: 3-year track.

Morning program: 2-year track.

Elementary courses: Linear algebra, algebra, algebraic structures (Boolean algebra), digital systems, Statistics, English, introduction to electronics, math and logic reinforcement towards study of the programming language.

Main subjects: Language-C, Understanding Windows (windowing), Assembler skills, organizing files and databases, data structures, communications and networking, computer graphics, introduction to multi Media and the Web, JAVA and HTML, analysis systems, operating systems, UNIX, applications and software packages, architecture, real-time systems, Processors, PC computer lab maintenance.

External exams: Students will take external exams in one of the following subjects: Linear algebra, C, Assembler, operating/ digital systems or Statistics.

The trend
A prestigious and profitable profession
Qualifies students for the needs of the software market
High likelihood of finding exciting employment opportunities in any industry
Work from home option

Software professionals are the most sought after engineers in today marketplace. The huge growth of computer programming and data processing, has given rise to a widespread demand for computer professionals to meet the growing requirements.

The program will train the students to engage in large computer units or in the computer industry and offer services which require professional planning and operation used in computer systems field. The software engineer student will be able, upon completion of the course, to integrate between the software industry and high technology services and those of networks operated by large companies.

About the Final Project: The Project theme will be chosen by the student and submitted for approval; Writing the theme will be with the guidance of the College. Projects are submitted before the end of December of the second year.

Eligibility to a diploma is based upon the positive completion of all internal and external exams (B+ or more) and a positive score defending the final project (B or more).

That same interest

Point of Interest:  Receive an international Network Manager Certificate by Cisco (CCNA)

  • The College reserves the right to make changes in the teaching staff and timetables for reasons known only to her.
  • The course / Trend conditional on a minimum number of subscribers.
  • The program is subject to changes while supply last
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