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Intro to Art Fundamentals

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Only art lovers are to be accepted!


Duration: 112 academic hours (28 meetings).

Evening program: weekly between 16:30 to 19:45

The program is led by artist Becky Miner. For further reading see below Point of interest.

The trend
Led by artist Becky Miner
Excellent for Art Therapy students
Diversified studies.

The program will include the following art techniques:

Drawing – a method of painting in which the artist creates an image by drawing on paper. Emphasis on line, shape and volume registration with light and shadow. Materials used: coal, paper and brushes, turpentine newspaper.

Painting –  creating an image by using color and line blot. Materials: acrylics, brushes, paper plates, later canvases.

Collage – artistic media used scraps of paper to form a two-dimensional image. The paper is smudge the line and shape. Materials: glue, scissors, box cutter, film, color paper, Color Lord pens.

Woodblock printing – a method of printing and drawing in which an image is etched into the wood surface. Materials: newsprint, set chisels, color black print on paper tightening roller surface.

That same interest

for further reading on artist Beck Miner.

  • The College reserves the right to make changes in the teaching staff and timetables for reasons known only to her.
  • The course / Trend conditional on a minimum number of subscribers.
  • The program is subject to changes while supply last
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