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Industrial Management

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  • Math – 3-Units (extension 2)
  • English – 3-Units
  • Hebrew communication – 2-Units*
  • *Can be completed at the Zefat College

The program is led by engineer Mr. Shmuel Zeev along with skilled faculty expert in the field of industrial management.

Evening program: 3-year track, 3 times a week.

Morning program: 2-year track, 4 times a week.


General Introductory courses: Math, English.


General Engineering Intro. courses: technical drawing, technical presentations.


Industrial Engineering: Mechanical methodology, surveying, production management, introduction to human engineering, safety management.


Information Technology: Introduction to information technology, management of information technologies, introduction to programming, data communication, applications, using calculation sheets, using the applications generator (Access).


Quality Management: Introduction to security and quality management, statistic quality control.


Behavioral sciences: Organizational behavior, management fundamentals, Introduction to the organization, human resources.


Statistics and Operations: Probability and Statistics.

Economics and Administration – Introduction to Economics, Accounting, pricing, introduction to finance and feasibility analysis.


Marketing: Introduction to marketing, product, pricing, distribution, marketing communications, marketing services, marketing management, sales management, market segmentation, consumer behavior, industrial and institutional marketing, international marketing and sales skills.


Integrative courses: Industry field trips and events.

The trend
Support and/or supplement classes at no extra cost.
Evening classes suitable for working professionals.
Scholarships available, easy-to-pay tuition.
Excellent employment opportunities with Galilee industries.

Industrial Management Engineering is a branch of engineering that links together engineering, economics, organization, management and marketing. The Curriculum of the program provides students with innovative management practical tools and theories to assist them as successful managers in the market of industrial manufacturing.

The Industrial management engineer is a high-demand job, needed during periods of prosperity and periods of depression, to increase productivity and efficiency in the workforce. The work involves direct contact with management, HR, marketing, as well as other professional engineers or scientists and production workers at all levels. Graduates of the course continue successfully to enroll in the regional industry and/or technological oriented services, in such fields as: construction, transport, communications, aviation, government agencies, banking and tourism agencies.

The joint-methods required of the Industrial manager include: basic engineering: operations, production, control, reliability and quality. The program combines advanced engineering theories such as: production processes, marketing, operation and control of in modern industry, based on embedded systems and quantitative methods; The program of industrial management and marketing includes a varied array of theoretical and practical fields in the various aspects of marketing and management.

Organizational behavior and HR decisions also assist in the manufacturing processes and will be part of our curriculum and will include: analysis of consumer behavior, building the consumer response you want to your marketing efforts (i.e. product, price setting, distribution systems, advertising, public relations, sales, promotion). We will also study economic and statistical theories and visit industrial plants to get ‘hands-on’ experience of the field.

About the Final Project: The Project theme will be chosen by the student and submitted for approval; Writing the theme will be with the guidance of the College. Projects are submitted before the end of December of the second year.

Eligibility to a diploma is based upon the positive completion of all internal and external exams (B+ or more) and a positive score defending the final project (B or more).

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Point of Interest: The program enjoys a huge success rate. More than 90% of students complete their studies successfully. Graduates will have no trouble finding work in industrial plants, government offices, banking institutions, or travel companies in the region or elsewhere.

  • The College reserves the right to make changes in the teaching staff and timetables for reasons known only to her.
  • The course / Trend conditional on a minimum number of subscribers.
  • The program is subject to changes while supply last
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