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Graphic Design and Image processing

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Only lovers of design and computer are to be accepted!


230 Academic hours.

Evening program: 17:00-20:15, twice a week.

Introductory courses:

  1. Introduction to computer graphics.
    1. What should a graphic artist know?
    2. The fundamentals of graphic design.
    3. Vector graphics (mathematical equations representing pixels)
    4. Illustrator and Photoshop software.
    5. Color modules: CMYK & RGB.
    6. Typography (fonts)
    7. Font placement.
    8. Composition, basis of design.
    9. Filing and documenting.
  2. Illustrator:
    1. Introduction to the software
    2. Software interface and toolbox
    3. Merge replication and arranging objects
    4. Line alterations and conversions
    5. Filling options.
    6. The Paintbrush
    7. Color directories and color modules
    8. Use of Effects and Filters
    9. Three-Dimensional effects
    10. Symbol directories and use
    11. Formats for Saving and exporting, including PDF.
The trend
Design for Web & mobile
Photoshop and InDesign design tools.
The fundamentals of Typography
Adobe software tools.

The leading industry- software from Adobe, with all new software updates, Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. Graphic software and books are provided free digital files. The course has a design preparation and design a mobile internet – for the course will be given mobile design tools, including the fundamentals of design, color and typography. The course teaches professional branding him the course exam students are tested by the government

Course aims to give you the skills to work with Photoshop CS5, InDesign CS5 and Illustrator CS5 – being able to create graphic design at a high level.

That same interest

Not just in theory but in practice, students will be ready upon completion to embark upon the job market, including the nuts and bolts of managing customer needs and wants; a customer-contract template will be given to the students to apply in their future work. Good Luck!

  • The College reserves the right to make changes in the teaching staff and timetables for reasons known only to her.
  • The course / Trend conditional on a minimum number of subscribers.
  • The program is subject to changes while supply last
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