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  • Math – 3-Units (extension 2)
  • English – 3-Units
  • Hebrew communication – 2-Units*
  • *Can be completed at the Zefat College

The program is led by Eng. Shlomo Ashraf alongside skilled faculty expert in the field of building.


Evening program: 3-year track, 3 times a week.


Morning program: 2-year track, 4 times a week.


Introductory courses:

Math, computer applications, technical English, etc.


Elementary courses:

Surveying, infrastructure, roads, building materials, legal aspects of building, and more.


Main Subjects:

Supervision, building-site management, quantity calculations, cost calculations and more.

The trend
Comprehensive studies in that includes the entire scope of building and construction
Field trips to construction sites
Practical studies alongside computer lab theory classes.
Reinforcement studies at no extra cost.

The field of Civil Engineering is one of the most desirable, required position in today’s growing Israeli economy. The field divides to many sub-categories of expertise, such as: building materials, infrastructure, structures, and so on. The profession of Civil Engineers involves many types of skilled craftsmen, from the design, management, supervision and control and up to the completion stages of building; it therefore plays a very significant part in the economy, an engine of growth and prosperity for the State of Israel. Studies are theoretical and take place in the classroom, but they also include computer labs in small groups or in drafting-board workshops.

Students will specialize in the management of building projects, learn the ‘building blocks’ of the profession – from optimizing building processes to training in quantity calculations, project time-tables using MSP software, calculating supplies, pricing, making partial financial statement, supervising the construction and more..

Under the framework of study at Zefat Regional college, student will tour cement production factories, the Israeli Building Center, and construction sites. These tours will provide for real experience of the field following theory class, so as to raise the student’s level of professionalism. The Civil Engineering program at the Zefat Regional College provides the students with an array of support lessons for those who need it, at no extra charge!

That same interest

Graduates of the program will be employed by the job market according to the following fields of expertise:

Construction Management Civil Engineer – execution of skeleton responsibility.

Registered Contractor – subject to the authorization of the Registrar of Contractors, following a period of work experience.

Certified Foreman under the auspices of Ministry of Labor Regulations, and after successfully passing a state exam.

A graduate has signatory rights immediately upon completion of the diploma and does not require to pass an internship period

  • The College reserves the right to make changes in the teaching staff and timetables for reasons known only to her.
  • The course / Trend conditional on a minimum number of subscribers.
  • The program is subject to changes while supply last
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