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Bookkeeping type 1 + 2

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Completion of 12 years’ secondary school (GED) or equivalent.


Duration: 320 academic hours (approx. 1 year)

Evening program: Twice a week between 17:00 to 20:15

Financial Accounting:

The student becomes aware of methods of accounting and business management, industrial / productive, including management accounts of associations of various kinds, such as companies, partnerships and non-profit organizations, including businesses with unique or characteristic structure, such as joint ventures, consignment sales and the like.


Trade and economic theory:

types of associations, basic concepts – general knowledge, basic concepts in banking and insurance, checks and credit card bills, the tax system in Israel general knowledge.


Commercial calculations:

Calculations of profit and loss calculations, assumptions, calculation of interest, linkage and exchange difference, ratio and proportion, arithmetic and engineering columns, discount notes and checks due future.


Practical computerized accounting:

Producing various reports using a computer program, and the use of electronic data sheet and database.

The trend
Evening program for working professionals
Certified & recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade
Provides points towards Bookkeeping type 3 exams by the Ministry of Economy

The aim of the course is to provide the nuts and bolts of account management with a large focus on computers and their important role in bookkeeping. Upon completion students should be able to pass the Classification exams taken by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.


Bookkeeper type 1 + 2:  could easily function as an accountant for an industrial business, companies, partnerships and/or any other characterization or type of business involvement.


The course will assist Bookkeeper type 1 + 2 to carry out the following functions:

  • Manage the accounts of industrial businesses, corporations or partnerships.
  • Manage accounts and transactions of any type of structure, including joint ventures, consignment sales and more.

The Final exam by the Ministry of Trade will include the following:  Bookkeeping Type 1 + 2 (basic & advanced) including such topics as: financial accounting, commercial and economic theory, commercial-type calculations.

Upon completion of the exam by the ministry, students will be entitled to two diplomas:

  1. Graduation certificate – Bookkeeping type 1+2.
  2. Professional certification by the Ministry of Trade and Industry: Bookkeeping Accountant type 1 + 2.
That same interest

The course is a basic course for higher education in the following courses:

Type 3 bookkeeper, payroll and tax consultant.

  • The College reserves the right to make changes in the teaching staff and timetables for reasons known only to her.
  • The course / Trend conditional on a minimum number of subscribers.
  • The program is subject to changes while supply last
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