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The world of fashion

The world of fashion will unfold as in this new course in cooperation with the world-famous Shenkar College of Fashion and Design: including a sewing class for beginners, this course will perfect your skill and artifice in creating a wide range of techniques for working in the fashion industry. For more information:

New! A new course in Arrak Alcoholic making

the first of its kind in the country – in cooperation with the Danz Brewery at the upper Galilee village of Gush Halev – a five meeting adventure course learning the components of Arrak making, enjoying local foods, the folklore and history of an exceptional alcoholic beverage in a setting to enhance your senses! For more information:



An Arak Making weekend retreat!

Mark the date – Sept. 8-10, 2016 –

A unique Arak distilling and preparation at the Danz Brewery high up at the upper Galilee village of Gush Halev –

Thursday – Saturday 09/8-10/2016

Including full room and board!

Registration – up to August 28. Please call Sharon at: 972.054.590.0788


art therapy

The courses at the appropriate creator hours for Art therapy

Fundamentals of art – techniques for material and color

Drawing and painting

Handmade pottery – design techniques and materials






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Practical Engineering Scholarship

Criteria for scholarship Institute for Technological engineers nine years

Scholarships fixed Safed College Students


Israeli scholarship site


Grants and scholarships:

The Zefat Regional College, the School of Engineering can help you to finance your studies:

  • Military Veterans of up to 5 years – are entitled to a discount of 90% on tuition for their freshman year.
  • Students of Software Engineering – are entitled to a discount of 90% on tuition for their freshman year.
  • Any subsidy, fellowship, grant or allowance given to you by the IDF or likewise – is usable as tuition fee in all fields of study at all times.


‘Perach’ – mentor a child and receive a scholarship!

PERACH, an acronym in Hebrew for “tutoring project”, also means a “flower”. PERACH pairs up needy children from underprivileged backgrounds with university students who act as their tutors, giving the child personal attention (often sorely lacking) and serving as a role model. Students who participate in this activity are eligible to receive a scholarship of NIS 4,500 per school year. The scholarship is conditional to providing mentoring of to 4 hours per week. Registration online is applicable:


Scholarships based on socio-economic criteria:

Students who are eligible to apply for a scholarship based on socio-economic criteria, can do so at the Secretary’s Office, by the 15th of January, of every year.



Neighborhood Rehabilitation

Students from Neighborhood Rehabilitation projects are eligible for up to 50% discount on their tuition fee.

To apply or for more information please contact the Municipality where you live.



The Katzir Scholarship Fund: Students eligible to apply are as follows:

School of Engineering students enrolled in one field of study that meet the following criteria:

Graduates of Military / National service

Low socio-economic levels

Committed to Community services of 4 hours weekly or more, depending on their program.

More information is available on their home page: