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What's new
The world of fashion

The world of fashion will unfold as in this new course in cooperation with the world-famous Shenkar College of Fashion and Design: including a sewing class for beginners, this course will perfect your skill and artifice in creating a wide range of techniques for working in the fashion industry. For more information:

New! A new course in Arrak Alcoholic making

the first of its kind in the country – in cooperation with the Danz Brewery at the upper Galilee village of Gush Halev – a five meeting adventure course learning the components of Arrak making, enjoying local foods, the folklore and history of an exceptional alcoholic beverage in a setting to enhance your senses! For more information:



An Arak Making weekend retreat!

Mark the date – Sept. 8-10, 2016 –

A unique Arak distilling and preparation at the Danz Brewery high up at the upper Galilee village of Gush Halev –

Thursday – Saturday 09/8-10/2016

Including full room and board!

Registration – up to August 28. Please call Sharon at: 972.054.590.0788


art therapy

The courses at the appropriate creator hours for Art therapy

Fundamentals of art – techniques for material and color

Drawing and painting

Handmade pottery – design techniques and materials






Prospective students
Here are all the little details you want to know about campus life:
Prospective Students Practical Engineering School

Prospective Students – School of Engineering

The School of Engineering covers a curriculum of 2,176 hours of study, in all tracks. Studies will take place for a period of three years in (combined route) or in morning classes for two years. The program of the Engineering schools includes lectures, practical workshops exams and a thesis project. At the end of the academic year, external examinations by the Institute for Technological Education will take place in the elected field of study. Students need to meet the full requirements of the internal and external exams and submit a final project presentation to be eligible for a diploma of Engineer.


Admission Requirements – School of Engineering

A completion of a (GED) or a partial Matriculation certificate comprising of a 3-Units Math, 3-Units English,2-Units Hebrew communication skills.

Alternatively: A completion certificate of the Technological Prepatory Program.

A foreign matriculation certificate (GED) should be approved by the Ministry of Education as equivalent to the Israeli matriculation certificate.


Applicants should bring to the Registration Office:

  • An original matriculation certificate (GED) from their homeland.
  • If they served the IDF/ National military service – a certificate of completion or exemption.
  • An identity card or social security card (or a new Oleh card).
  • One passport picture.
  • A voucher receipt for the payment of NIS 200 registration fee plus an advance payment for tuition fee for the amount of NIS 500.


General On-Campus Support Services:


The students have an academically rich library at their service, equipped with computer workstations with free access at all library hours.


Computer Labs:

computer labs and advanced electronics labs are free to assist students during the school year even beyond school hours.


Students Dean:

The Office of the Students Dean of is shared with the Academic College. She is available to assist students with all of their individual needs including scholarships, exemption from reserve duty (for Israeli students), and culture and sports activities.



Zefat Regional College offers residential dormitories to those students who come from abroad or do not live in the area. The Dormitory building is located on the eastern entrance to the city of Zefat.  The building houses 36 rooms, each equipped with a bathroom, toilet and small refrigerator, and designed as a living space for two students. The dormitories have a central kitchen and laundry services.



The college cafeteria offers hot and cold snacks during the school hours. In addition to the cafeteria there are self-service drinking machines for hot and cold drinks around the campus.