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The world of fashion

The world of fashion will unfold as in this new course in cooperation with the world-famous Shenkar College of Fashion and Design: including a sewing class for beginners, this course will perfect your skill and artifice in creating a wide range of techniques for working in the fashion industry. For more information:

New! A new course in Arrak Alcoholic making

the first of its kind in the country – in cooperation with the Danz Brewery at the upper Galilee village of Gush Halev – a five meeting adventure course learning the components of Arrak making, enjoying local foods, the folklore and history of an exceptional alcoholic beverage in a setting to enhance your senses! For more information:



An Arak Making weekend retreat!

Mark the date – Sept. 8-10, 2016 –

A unique Arak distilling and preparation at the Danz Brewery high up at the upper Galilee village of Gush Halev –

Thursday – Saturday 09/8-10/2016

Including full room and board!

Registration – up to August 28. Please call Sharon at: 972.054.590.0788


art therapy

The courses at the appropriate creator hours for Art therapy

Fundamentals of art – techniques for material and color

Drawing and painting

Handmade pottery – design techniques and materials






success stories

Witnesses Release
She studied industrial engineer and management-majoring in Management and Marketing
From: Tss”b- Second Edition

I chose to study the trend of industrial and management engineer that I did not know what I want to be “when I grow up” .. I did not want my three-year academic degree interdisciplinary course, that did not help me and give me the tools to deal with competition in the labor market.
I decided to study industrial management engineer, a course of two years in purchasing professionals to give me extensive knowledge about organizations in general and in particular industrial enterprises.

I chose to specialize in marketing route because it is the area who spoke to me and I felt as close to him because of a personal nature.

The studies were intensive and interesting, touching every area of ​​the organization and taught me to look at the organization from different angles, economic, marketing, and more ..
The studies were sometimes a little difficult but definitely fun with the amazing teaching staff and the personal attention of the personal attention of the College. I set myself a goal to graduate with honors and thankfully I managed.

My decision to study for the degree engineer proved itself twice:
Once in the field of marketing, when I came to work in the hotel industry could reach Eilat and senior managerial rank as the Managing Director sets of two hotels. The second time my studies have shown themselves had when I decided to return to the north and to integrate into the industrial sector.
Currently I am working almost two years at the factory, “texture” Kibbutz Gonen, which produces kitchen cabinet fronts and other various woodworking projects. I started as manager of IPO and today has been a senior production manager.

Engineering degree helped me reach senior management positions and certainly was a tremendous springboard and a great starting point in the day’s hard work ..
I can only strongly recommend this route for those who do not know what they want to be when they grow up and to wish success to everyone.


Name: Sharon Hadad
Learn computer engineer specializing Alktronikh-
From: Tss”a- Second Edition

I graduated in 2001 at the College of Engineers regional branch of Safed,
While I was working on the stage and study in the evening.
It was not easy but professional teaching staff of Safed inconvenient moment and never gave up,
About six months after completion of the final project absorbed Elbit Systems
Hbd”s field of air products.

Name: Shauna Krief
Studied industrial engineer and management-majoring in marketing,
From: Tss”o- Regulations,

Regional School of Practical Engineering College in Safed, excellent faculty, personal attitude, her whole face is treated to the best from all the staff and management. Currently I work at the factory in Tzh”r- metal factory quality assurance auditor role. In this duty I am responsible for testing the parts produced at the factory, reviewing work processes, monitor and control the quality of parts and materials, visit the production process and Cd’- all that I have learned during my studies at the School of Practical Engineering. These days I received my diploma and from that point the way open for me and the future looks Mzhir..bhtzlhh!