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Safed Regional College
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The Zefat Regional College for Continuing Education is located just alongside the Zefat Academic College campus. The College was incorporated in 1986 as a center for Higher education designated to serve the residents of Northern Israel or students coming from abroad. The College admits hundreds of student every year for a rich and abundant variety of study programs.

Our students enjoy individual attention and support during their entire stay. The college is located in a campus of preserved, immemorial buildings of antiquity, rich with history, at the center of the old city of Zefat, overlooking a breathtaking mountainous landscape, which add yet another touch to the unique experience of the school. Read through our programs and find your passion!

Engineering. Graphic Design. Art Director. Music in cooperation with the Rimon School of Contemporary Music and Jazz.

Hydrotherapy Health Giver. Payroll Accountant. Bridging & Mediation.

Fashion Designer – in cooperation with the Shenkar School of Fashion.

IPhone Application Developer. Public Transport Driver.

Locksmith training Arrak Alcoholic Distillation. Bookkeeping.

The future is in your hands. Choose your passion!

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What's new
The world of fashion

The world of fashion will unfold as in this new course in cooperation with the world-famous Shenkar College of Fashion and Design: including a sewing class for beginners, this course will perfect your skill and artifice in creating a wide range of techniques for working in the fashion industry. For more information: http://www.zefat.org.il/school/%D7%AA%D7%

New! A new course in Arrak Alcoholic making

the first of its kind in the country – in cooperation with the Danz Brewery at the upper Galilee village of Gush Halev – a five meeting adventure course learning the components of Arrak making, enjoying local foods, the folklore and history of an exceptional alcoholic beverage in a setting to enhance your senses! For more information: https://munchies.vice.com/en/articles/israelis-craft-distilleries-are-giving-arrak-a-second-life



An Arak Making weekend retreat!

Mark the date – Sept. 8-10, 2016 –

A unique Arak distilling and preparation at the Danz Brewery high up at the upper Galilee village of Gush Halev –

Thursday – Saturday 09/8-10/2016

Including full room and board!

Registration – up to August 28. Please call Sharon at: 972.054.590.0788


art therapy

The courses at the appropriate creator hours for Art therapy

Fundamentals of art – techniques for material and color

Drawing and painting

Handmade pottery – design techniques and materials